I'm pretty happy with how these lines came out. I tried to get those ghost smudges in the lines on this one*. It's had to reproduce errors non-uniformly. I thought this one came out pretty well, but I won't know for sure until the test proof I had printed gets here. It's been my experience, that blacks print about a hundred times darker than they look on screen, so those blacks should print black enough.

This looks great at 600ppi, but I'm not sure what normal photo printers print at, or at least, how well they print it. I'm not sure if the fake printing errors are exaggerated enough to show up well when it's printed and they're all twice as small. Right now though, I feel that if this looks just like high quality scans of real printed stuff, then it should look just like those when it's printed the same size they are to begin with. But I guess we'll see.

Also, I'm totally not making that show. I'm okay with that though. I'd like to reveal these all at once; it feels like dropping a bomb or something. So, until these are all done, only ambiguous sections and details of them.

*Next one or so, I'll try to get that halo/hollow block printed look. I'm a little less sure how to get that one; I've seen a few people (try to) do it, but I haven't seen anyone do it convincingly. But, then again, I didn't know how to get this one until I thought about it for a while, so I'll just try it when I've come up with something that I think'll work.

Money shot

Here's the latest scan (that I flipped to see if there's anything wrong with it). There are a few money shot pages in the book (about 10 or so, I think) and this is one of them. This is a raw, unaltered scan (besides being darkened and flipped), but it looks like the figure's been photoshopped onto the page from another drawing. But it wasn't. 

Also, I think this gives a false impression of the book. It's not really a superhero book. I don't think, anyway. Eh, maybe it is.

P.S. I keep meaning to make longer posts about specific things, but every time I go to, I don't remember what I meant to say.

Drawing Table Tuesday

This is this page. A few things on this page have changed on the final drawing. That archway wasn't drawn there in an earlier page, so I just ended up not drawing it.  I've got a cover to draw, then I start inking. I've got the last third (or quarter, I don't remember off hand) of the book to thumbnail, so I'll probably work on those intermittently between inking this stack of pages. Inking goes fast, though.

This would be the first book if they weren't ultimately being printed as one, big, trade book. I was a little sloppy with the page counts (because I put in what I thought was needed instead of trying to hit page a count), but if they were printed as smaller, normal length comic books, the page counts for the six books are between 18 and 32. That's about normal, I think.

I'm pretty sure I'll have a few dummy copies printed along the way as I hit those page counts. Just to have something to look at, and, I think it'll seem a lot less tedious in the long run. Maybe. I don't know. I'll probably make a cover for all six books, then one for the trade, knowing the six covers will just be extra and added in the back or something. I want the finished book to only have occasional chapter pages when needed. 

The cover's gonna be colored too, so that's just another reason I need to work on coloring. Inking's fast, so if I can get a good week's worth of work, these'll be done. ...then tones. I have no idea about those though. A few days, at least.