It's been 10 years since I made the first post on this blog. And it's been about 3 years since the last post.

I guess I felt obligated to address 10 years passing. Feeling a little sullen, I suppose. So, I'm mustering through with this impromptu post.

I'm preparing to change gears, mentally. I think up till now over the last 10 years, my aim, even if just unconsciously, was to get better at drawing. Forwarding the skill, without giving much thought to marketing it. 

In hindsight, not much thought to went to furthering a career in drawing, just honing the skill- which is the mindset I'm trying to change.

I like to believe I succeeded in achieving the goal; I feel like I draw better than ten years ago. So, in that, I feel successful, but it feels ...dry. Flat.

I've been wondering, have I been too obsessed with becoming better? Has that one goal blinded me to what could have been other, more significant gains? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not.

Is this post a bookend? Meant to end all this? Who knows? I hope not.

All thoughts compressed, I suppose I'm feeling like I've been stuck in a dream in the role of Sisyphus.

A better way of thinking about it though, that makes me at least feel better, is in terms of old cinema Kung Fu. I could also be looking at it as though I've been practicing my tree splintering punch for 10 years, and now it's time to start exploding things with my fists that aren't trees.

So, I guess the change I've been trying to accept lately, is no more trees solitarily in the forest, from now on, only in town square.


I did this cover a while ago. I'm so behind on everything, I can't believe I'm just getting to this.

Everyone in charge was flexible, so I pretty much did whatever I wanted. Its double sided; the back cover is the other side's view of the front. There wasn't much behind it, other than I don't remember seeing a two sided cover like that and wanted to. (I'm sure it's not the first, I'm just saying I haven't seen one)

I'm pretty happy with it, not because I think it's great, but that it looks as good as it does given the tiny bit of time I had to do it in. There wasn't much planning. This is all of the planning and prep work that took place before it was drawn- 

Despite the stamp, this was not drawn on July 26.

It's been long enough now that I can look with fresh eyes. I'm pretty happy with how the hands turned out. And from looking at the sketches, it's because I got them right in the sketches; the hands near the 'DRAWN BY' were the ones I ended up using.

I think I thought the fabric on the back cover turned out pretty good, so I saved this view of it-

And here's a closeup of the hand I think turned out well-

I like the small things that are subtly implied- like how the pinkie is straight, the ring finger knuckle is over/in front of the pinkie, bends, then goes behind the pinkie. I don't know if it looks like that to anyone else, but that's the thing that sticks out to me. I think that's the best thing about it.

Drawing Table Tuesday

Just missed Tuesday, but not by much.