Excuses, excuses...

Well, I'd have more finished on this, but I had to perform emergency surgery on my computer early Thursday morning and I've been picking up the pieces ever since. I had to format and install everything over. I'm gradually installing everything as I need it, otherwise it would take me about a full day.

Here's a poster for a story idea I had. I won't explain it, but here it is about a quarter finished with the pencil.

Finished... more or less

The program I use for tones kept messing up. It kept resizing the image smaller instead of keeping it the same ratio. I ended up having to export just the tones and then merging them with the b&w lines in photoshop and trying to get them the same sizes and synced up. That's why the tones don't really line up in some places. If I can't find a way to get the program to work right, I'll have to scrap it and find something that'll work how it's supposed to.

First Post

Well, I got completely fed up with updating that site. Adding thumbnails and rifling through actionscript line after line that would have had, literally, no end. Whenever I had to update or post one tiny thing, I had to go back and make major changes, reformat things and change lines of code. It was more or less defeating the purpose. And it was especially not fun.

I started to wonder why so many illustrators and such had blogs instead of websites. And then it came to me. It fulfills the exact same purpose and it's easy. And free. Instead of taking hours changing stuff, deciphering actionscript and all that, I decided to try this for a while. Seriously, I have no idea what I was thinking.

Also, this way I can take time that went to actionscript trial and error and actually work on drawing stuff. So, for a while at least, this is as far as I care to go with my internet shoveling. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

So having said all that, I'm hoping to post something new as often as possible, mostly so I can look back and be sure I'm actually working on stuff I'm supposed to be.

Anyway, here's the first post. It's some preliminary work a project I should be working on for a couple months.