Inked and a Bonus

I still don't like how the duster lady turned out, but oh well. This isn't for anything, just practice, so it nothing to dwell on. And it served it's purpose. I found one way to not draw her, so I'll just be sure to get her right next time.

I like this because the size of this is actually the same size as a post-it, just blown up, toned and made into a 1440x900 wallpaper. I'm quite pleased whenever anything the size of my fingernail can be blown up and still look halfway decent. It means something was done right somewhere along the lines.

More Sketches

More character sketches. This one's weird just because I did it in pretty much one sitting, and I never do that. Which is I think why everyone's legs are too short. The only thing that really sticks out to me on this sketch is the woman in the duster. There's something about her torso/body that doesn't look right. All things considered, as fast as I did this, I'm fairly happy with it. I'm interested in seeing how it looks inked, because the of the poor scanner quality, the light pencils came out way, way too light, and to see them I had to blacken everything. And a lot is lost in the process. But anyway...

Here's a doodle of me I did on a doodle page when I was at work yesterday. It's really tiny; it could easily fit on a post-it note. I did it at the very end of my shift, and it was the end of a very bad day. The first of many to come, I believe. I think a few of my co-workers will agree with me on this.

Poster Thumbnail

I'm further along than this, but I don't really want to show it before it's finished. Also, this poster wasn't my idea, I'm just the one doing it.

I'm thinking it'll be done sometime tomorrow. Which means I'll get around to putting it up Saturday. I don't know, I'll see how it goes.


Insomnia leads to strange things.

This is what I did last night.

Portrait Thumbnails.

Finished Sketches

(as far as I'm concerned, they're finished.)

Closer to Finished

I was trying to see how lankey I could make him. This will be the only one where he's hunched over like that.

Unfinished sketches

Should be finished by tomorrow.