"It kills me to think they use this to teach."

Page 1 = done.

It took a couple days because I kept doing it over, trying different ways. It took 3 tries before getting one that looked decent. As far as I'm concerned, it's finished.

I don't really mind the first page being shown, it's sort of a teaser, so if anyone wants to see it, ask me and I'll give you the link. No one but the writer's seen it- even if you think I've shown it to you, you haven't seen the final version. And it's probably the only full page I'll show until it's done. But then again, if anyone's ever over and wants to see, I won't stop them from looking through the pages.

Here's some page 2 pencil. Only 43 left to go...

Yukon ho!

I'm a horrible vampire.

Toning this took a very, very long time. I had to use photoshop, and photoshop alone. The program I used to use for tones stopped working a long time ago and I stopped trying to fix it.

It seriously would've been quicker to get actual tones, cut them out and scrape them on the page than for me to use photoshop for this.

But you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.

I didn't even really get to do anything else. I hope this goes faster next time after I work the kinks out.

"...but only if that one song from 'The Neverending Story' was playing."

I finished this pencil after work tonight.

I brought crayons to work today.

I wasn't even going to scan this, but after a while of looking at it, it reminded me of one of my favorite films.

Granted, you have to know some things about the situation and how I feel about my job, but when I look at it now, it reminds me of Happy Product in Mark Osborne's "More". And that is awesome. I hate that it's a doodle of that workplace, but that's half the meaning.

So, here it is. It's actually pretty small for a crayon drawing. About 5x7, I think.

"I'm gonna glue the text onto the page."

From here on out, the stuff I post is going to be very sporadic and probably seem almost disassociated. I started to actually work on something of bulk, and everything else will probably take a backseat to this for a good, long while.

And, I can't in good conscience post what I do in it's entirety, so I think what I'll post is little bits like this to the left whenever I fancy.

So, I'll actually be working on stuff all the time, everyday, but just won't be posting everything. Gotta keep some secrecy. Like tonight. I did a lot of stuff I could post, like thumbnails and the rest of this, but I think I'll have to opt to just post tidbits of this bulky project and whatever I can squeeze in on the side.

In unrelated news: I have a degree.

This would've been in fingerpaints, but I don't have any. I found some crayons I forgot I bought, and I was sitting in front of a giant mirror... I think it was worth 10 minutes of my time. (I used every color!)

Crayons are awesome.

Viva La Inanity!

More drawings

Phone booth.

Back of Church.

Motorcycle studies that, some of which, make me look insane.

I'm not going to explain this.

Trying to reason through perspective problems. So far, I'm failing.


I thought of this at work today.

Randall- Yeah, I know they can't go there. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and jumped straight into this, alright. Important thought processes were left out. They'll go on the other side and zigzag. Also, that indecipherable bunch of black lines at the corner back there is a phone booth.


I don't think it really turned out that gross. Unsightly maybe. Or sore.
But not bad for a few hours work I suppose.

I wasn't even supposed to be in this, it just got down to the wire and I threw myself in it. I think this'll be the last time I draw myself for a while. The rest of the word pictures I do won't have me in them.

But I won't even do another one of these for a while.

I have other work to press on with.


Toned town

I had a surprise get together and didn't really accomplish much in the way of drawing. But, I did finish this...
Well, I didn't really finish it, I just sort of got to a point where I was tired of looking at it. So, here's where I stopped.

I don't think I have anything I have to do tomorrow, so, in theory, I should be able to draw lots of stuff.
Woo! I like not having work on top of work to do.

On a technical note, I have no idea how to get my tablet to work with this tone program. I keep fixing it and it keeps reverting, not working, and forcing me to use a mouse. I was gonna have more detail in the toning on the road and mountains, but I'd have to do all that with a mouse and that's not gonna happen. I think I'm actually lucky I got that far before just quitting. I hate working with computer mice. I really don't know what I'm going to do if I can't figure out a long term solution to this crap.


This is as far with this as I could get tonight. Should have tones on it tomorrow.

Here's a bunch of 3 minute drawings. Man, these were so much fun. Now I miss figure drawing.

: (

Not much of anything

I don't really have anything to show for the weekend. What I didn't work, I feel like I slept away. But I don't remember sleeping all too much.

Here's a tighter layout for the make-believe town.

For whatever reason it was, I realized one day at work this weekend that I can't remember the last time I tried to draw something gross. So, to remedy that, I decided to do a series of drawings to test myself. I'll pick a word, then draw something for the word. If I ever get around to doing them, I'll put them up alongside my definition of the word. I think they'll be interesting, and a little fun, if nothing else.

The first one up's gonna be the word gross. Here's a few doodles I did for it at work. It's gonna have this little back monkey/shoulder demon/conscience guy.

If I ever get around to drawing it.

Still more buildings

I got a really late start tonight. I've only been awake about 3 hours now and between that and arguing with my dvd player that won't play audio on one of my dvds, this was I could get done tonight.

More buildings

I got a late start tonight and didn't get too much finished. All there is to show are more boring buildings.

Not really boring to draw, but boring to look at. Only a few more to go before I do the town as a whole.

Mario's Pizza Logo study. Used with permission, of course.

The beginnings of a no-name town

All in all, pretty simple and straight forward.
Step 1; lay the town out
Step 2; design the buildings
Step 3; combine Step 1 & 2 for town
(currently I'm still on step 2)

A little generic looking, but that was the idea.

Gas and Auto shop.

Alright, I'll explain this. In the wee hours of the morning, this struck me as philosophical. Actually, ontological would be more precise.

I'm drawing all this stuff, of course, because it's all leading up to a larger project, but also just to get better at drawing. That's the big picture. That's been the main goal for a very long time; always try to better myself at this stuff. So I try not to take shortcuts. Whenever I draw something, it's pretty much always with that in mind. So, when I started to draw this gas station/auto shop, I wanted to use everything I could to get the distances and proportions as best I could (just as good a time as any to practice, right?). So I drew the entire building, not just what you could see, for architectural practice. I tried to make what I'm talking about easier to see with the red.

So, I'm scanning all this finished stuff in, and I see an early scan of the pencil for this and it strikes me as mind blowing. I mean, first of all, all that work for something you know is just going to be covered up/not seen. If you look at the finished one and then the pencil, it's so much more complicated than you would have thought. So I'm staring at it, and I start to realize something. Other people usually just draw what you can see. I mean, if you're gonna draw a cardboard box, you don't start with what's inside. but... it's like it's really there. There are really walls that make a room behind there. It's exactly like the physical world; there are really things behind other things, you just can't see them for the things in front of them. I don't know. I don't expect anyone to know what I'm talking about. It's just one of those late night trippy thoughts.

Also, I should probably stop drawing things that aren't there. It's weird. It's weird and it's time consuming.