The beginnings of a no-name town

All in all, pretty simple and straight forward.
Step 1; lay the town out
Step 2; design the buildings
Step 3; combine Step 1 & 2 for town
(currently I'm still on step 2)

A little generic looking, but that was the idea.

Gas and Auto shop.

Alright, I'll explain this. In the wee hours of the morning, this struck me as philosophical. Actually, ontological would be more precise.

I'm drawing all this stuff, of course, because it's all leading up to a larger project, but also just to get better at drawing. That's the big picture. That's been the main goal for a very long time; always try to better myself at this stuff. So I try not to take shortcuts. Whenever I draw something, it's pretty much always with that in mind. So, when I started to draw this gas station/auto shop, I wanted to use everything I could to get the distances and proportions as best I could (just as good a time as any to practice, right?). So I drew the entire building, not just what you could see, for architectural practice. I tried to make what I'm talking about easier to see with the red.

So, I'm scanning all this finished stuff in, and I see an early scan of the pencil for this and it strikes me as mind blowing. I mean, first of all, all that work for something you know is just going to be covered up/not seen. If you look at the finished one and then the pencil, it's so much more complicated than you would have thought. So I'm staring at it, and I start to realize something. Other people usually just draw what you can see. I mean, if you're gonna draw a cardboard box, you don't start with what's inside. but... it's like it's really there. There are really walls that make a room behind there. It's exactly like the physical world; there are really things behind other things, you just can't see them for the things in front of them. I don't know. I don't expect anyone to know what I'm talking about. It's just one of those late night trippy thoughts.

Also, I should probably stop drawing things that aren't there. It's weird. It's weird and it's time consuming.