"I'm gonna glue the text onto the page."

From here on out, the stuff I post is going to be very sporadic and probably seem almost disassociated. I started to actually work on something of bulk, and everything else will probably take a backseat to this for a good, long while.

And, I can't in good conscience post what I do in it's entirety, so I think what I'll post is little bits like this to the left whenever I fancy.

So, I'll actually be working on stuff all the time, everyday, but just won't be posting everything. Gotta keep some secrecy. Like tonight. I did a lot of stuff I could post, like thumbnails and the rest of this, but I think I'll have to opt to just post tidbits of this bulky project and whatever I can squeeze in on the side.

In unrelated news: I have a degree.

This would've been in fingerpaints, but I don't have any. I found some crayons I forgot I bought, and I was sitting in front of a giant mirror... I think it was worth 10 minutes of my time. (I used every color!)

Crayons are awesome.

Viva La Inanity!