Not much of anything

I don't really have anything to show for the weekend. What I didn't work, I feel like I slept away. But I don't remember sleeping all too much.

Here's a tighter layout for the make-believe town.

For whatever reason it was, I realized one day at work this weekend that I can't remember the last time I tried to draw something gross. So, to remedy that, I decided to do a series of drawings to test myself. I'll pick a word, then draw something for the word. If I ever get around to doing them, I'll put them up alongside my definition of the word. I think they'll be interesting, and a little fun, if nothing else.

The first one up's gonna be the word gross. Here's a few doodles I did for it at work. It's gonna have this little back monkey/shoulder demon/conscience guy.

If I ever get around to drawing it.