I feel less bad, but more stupid...

Well, I finally got around to actually seeing how long this is gonna take to finish. I never figured a real estimation out. I sort of just said a page a day, knowing that it would take at least twice as long as that. When anyone asked, I just said "a month and a half", knowing it would take much longer, just not wanting to acknowledge it. But, I got curious, and a sharpie and my calendar, and marked it all down and put together a schedule to follow.

When I woke up this morning (I use "morning" lightly) I realized I was further behind than it felt like. The scheduling isn't that complicated. I just marked down what day I should be working on what page. It's not confusing in the slightest. Here's every week for me for the next 3 months in chart form-

Like I said, not complicated.

So, I was sitting here drawing, all day, wondering what the heck happened that threw me so far off schedule. I mean, I just started it. And then it hit me. Wednesday, when I drew all this up, I apparently didn't know what day it really was, and scheduled this all to start Tuesday- the day before.

I was behind before I even began. Spectacular.

So, even thought I'm actually right on time with the task and the time actually alloted and all, according to the schedule I marked in sharpie on my giant calendar, I'm going to be perpetually behind. I'm gonna try to catch up for my imaginary day though, that way my calendar will be right and I won't always feel behind.

My deadline date of completion for the pages was February 16. Now, it's more like the 17th or 18th. But I'm gonna try to catch up so that my calendar's right.

Here's this.
Twas inked and grayed today.

Also, I think I've sort of come to terms with a few things that are, drawing wise, speed related issues/topics/concerns. Maybe more on those later if I feel like it.

Geez, though. Behind before beginning.

Sometimes, if it wasn't for feeling lonely and stupid, I wouldn't feel anything at all.