"The irony is I was listening to Black Sabbath..."

I started this drawing as just a goof drawing to occupy my time and to have something to do tonight while playing some obligatory games. Sundays are usually pretty much shot work wise (one factor being obligatory games), but I'm trying to draw whenever I can. But I ended up not even working on it during the games. It was finished about an hour after I started it.

This is probably my favorite goof drawing as of yet. I say "goof drawing" for anything that's completely unimportant; something I have no investments in. Stuff that isn't for anything other than fun. Usually they're just scribbles that I don't even look at twice, but I guess all the practice up till now is paying off. I almost didn't even try when I doodled this. And it didn't take long at all. I just liked it so much that I had to ink it. And it snowballed into what it is.

Long story short; One hour drawing + 15 minutes inking + one hour photoshop = unintentionally awesome poster.

I'm considering having it printed as a real poster. I think it might be worth $20 to have on my wall.