Complete and utter failure.

Well, I finished this page earlier tonight. At least I did that.

The rest of the night was for naught. A complete waste of my time. And I'm pretty peeved because of it. I spent roughly 5 hours making a player so I could add that song. I'm upset for several reasons. One is probably because I was so dead set on it and you don't take absolute failure well when you're that dead set on something. And secondly because no one will have any idea how hard it was to make that player.

This is actually pretty amazing, so let me set the technical stage. I don't have flash on my computer. I can't find any of my copies of the program. I tried to find an HTML/JavaScript based player that didn't look like crap, but they don't exist. So, I went with flash.

It's hard to express emotions while typing, so imagine me yelling this while gesturing wildly with my arms- DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT IS TO MAKE A FLASH PLAYER WITHOUT ACTUALLY HAVING FLASH?!?

Just to reiterate, I designed a flash player without having flash.

What's funny, is I could do that, but not upload it to blogger. The way it was coded it needs it's own separate XML file for just the player, and that needs to be in the same folder as the HTML file that the flash is embedded in. I can't upload the player's XML to blogger. I tried editing the blog's XML template, but that doesn't work apparently. From what I gather, it either has to be it's own XML file, or blogger doesn't actually upload XML files, it translates them into something else and uses that(?). I guess I didn't think ahead very well.

But either way it sucks because the player works and it's not that I'm just stupid or anything. And it looks halfway decent (being a flash player designed without flash).

Anyway, I've gotten mad enough over it to give up. I'm just disgusted with the entire situation.

But here's the player and that song. Like I said, it works, just not on blogger.

Also, I don't think the song's all too scary now, I think it just severely caught me off guard.

AFTERTHOUGHT: 9:17 AM: After thinking about it for a while, I'm not too mad at the situation. I mean, I'm still a little mad that I failed overall, but I'm kind of proud of what I did. I didn't let reality stop me from what I was trying to do. Man, I designed a flash player without flash. That's hilarious. How the Eff is that even possible? Only at the very end did reality squeak a victory by me. I bent reality, just not far enough to succeed.

But just barely not enough.

"You hear that, Reality? I'm learning. And when I'm ready, I'll be coming for you. I'll have Huey Lewis on cue, and then you'll be sorry."