Managua Nicoragua

Man, I had to document this in some way. Among those 5000 some songs from the 30's and 40's I've acquired, I've just found a gem. Or, rather, an abomination.

Alright, so here I was, sitting and drawing, letting the mellow swing of the 40's take me away, right? Then, this song started playing. "Managua Nicoragua." The only way I can describe what I heard is- imagine Satan being pumped directly into your brain via bullhorn. And it gets worse as the song continues and the ending is almost horrifying.

Seriously, this is the scariest, creepiest song I've ever heard in my life. I can't convey meaning enough for how effing creepy this song is. Why anyone would bother getting/saving a song this badly deteriorated is completely beyond me. The song is not worth having, not even for preservation's sake of the most dedicated 1940's music fan.

So, of course, I immediately decided I'm going to use it somewhere on my site or this blog. Expect to soon listen to it.