What I did yesterday.

I tried to think about what I did yesterday. I made the thumbnail for this page early, I remember that.

Then, I watched "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" to get a few screenshots of the '71 Impala, because I'm going to have to draw the same year and model a few times and it's good to have an idea what I'm drawing.

I remember reading a little. Invincible 57, I think. And most of BPRD: 1946. I remember laying out the thumbnail of that page with a Magnadoodle. I remember eating once, maybe? I remember lots of coffee. I slept for about 2 hours in between it all and that's what's making it hard to remember. Something with internet. Like, with other people. Saying something maybe, or replying. I remember the start of an A-team episode, but just the beginning, I had to leave after the beginning, but that was this morning, not really yesterday.

I remember it took a long time to get started. Not that there were any problems or the page was exceptionally hard to layout, just that I took a while to actually get started. I remember I was thinking about cleaning my typewriter, when I thought to myself, "Alright, this is ridiculous, you need to get started; it isn't going to do itself."

I do need to clean my typewriter though.

I can't remember anything else. In that picture is all the work I was able to get done yesterday and I have no reason why.

Oh well. I guess I'm getting back in the mindset from christmas. I think I should get twice as much done tonight. I think I lost my powers of focus and concentration over christmas.

AFTERPOST: 1:41: I know where my missing time went. I had to type up and print out the text for that page, cut the words out and arrange them on the page so I know how big to make the balloons. And that always takes up more time than it sounds like it would. That has to be the missing chunk of time.