Gnihton ni htiaf.

I was just barely able to squeak out half a page last night. I think that's the least I've yet to do in a single night once I actually get started.

I probably just made in more complicated than it really was. And, as always, I took many breaks, so that didn't help.

It took so long just to get halfway, I didn't even get to do a goof drawing. But dang it, I worked all night and I'm putting something up.

On the bright side though, I think everything I drew was challenging, so, woo. Nothing like a van and a motorcycle to show you what you're made of.
I lost patience and interest quickly.

Also, this is what happens when I have a lot of coffee and get jittery- disproportionate people.
Boy, I had a weird week.

I wanted to stop putting up stuff from pages, but come on, look at this guy. I only wish he could have a name that would do him justice. Lord Byron Reginald VonBergerbottem or something.

Also, I'll point out again the new button that's a link for the newest page stuffs.

"Alright alright we'll all float on."

"Alright already we'll all float on.
Alright don't worry even if things end up a bit too heavy.
We'll all float on...alright. Already we'll all float on.
Alright already we'll all float on, ok.
Don't worry we'll all float on.
Even if things get heavy, we'll all float on."

Alright, first things first. I'm not drawing nearly enough. I've started drawing whatever I feel like drawing, like for a little warm up before working on the comic. I should be doing at least one of these a day, sometimes more maybe. Probably should be doing more. I think I'll put 'em here; it's not like I can do anything else with them. And I'll try to put them up every couple days, whether they turn out alright or crappy.

Also, I'm gonna stop posting work on the comic here. I added a button on the right, that'll be updated instead of posting it here.

As an extension of myself, thus far, this (blogspot) has been pretty boring I think. But, I think it could at least be a little interesting. (Like this, not being able to see the words. I think it's funny.) So, I think I'm gonna start posting more abstractly or experimentally. Not about "work", so to speak. Not that I made a whole lot of sense before, but now I won't even by trying.

I don't know, I'll see how it goes.

Thistle be it.

I'm proud of this. I thought it would be hard to draw an average sized woman holding down a fat man with one arm, and it be convincing.

This'll probably be the last post like this. Maybe ever. I have plans and ideas. And I like them, so I think I'm gonna run with them.

Explanation to follow. I'm going to go to sleep now though.
**** you, Youtube.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you...

Abe of Spades

Monkey of Clubs

and Demon of Thoughts

Those are from a weird drawing I started yesterday. They all have different suits. (Pun-tastic!)

Man, the last few days have been weird. I couldn't really leave or go anywhere or anything so I was stuck here.

The drawing started from me watching Pink Floyd The Wall, which probably wasn't a good idea. Like I said, the last few days have been a little off. It's pretty much just me waiting on not hurting anymore. I think I've been in a constant cold sweat for the last 72-96 hours.

It was also going to have Michigan J. Frog in it. I don't really know why I took him out. It does have a skeleton with arms that I'm very proud of though.

Anyway, I think it's a little of The Wall, Timelord, and me. I didn't want to spend more than a day on it, so I just sort of colored what I wanted and stopped. Plus, I think I'm through with it. Not that it's finished, just that I'm through with it.

And here's a moon thing I found in a newspaper a long time ago. I kept the clipping from. I don't know why I added it, why not, I guess.

I can't wait to run again. I'm thinking I should wait till I can walk again though.

"I can't explain, you would not understand."

This is not how I am.
I have become comfortably numb.

I've been all but completely incapacitated for the last 3 days. I haven't felt like doing anything. I feel so useless. A waste of space. I don't think that has to do with my incapacitation though.

I feel hopelessness. Not the downhearted, discouraged, despair, despondent type of hopeless. I'm talking about real hopelessness. There's a feeling you get when you realize how hopeless your situation really is. There's a kind of solace that comes with knowing nothing you could ever do will matter. A kind of freedom, too, I think.

Nothing I can do will ever truly matter. I can't change a single think I'd like to, and there's no point in changing what I can.

I've always felt a certain affinity towards the bell ringer, though I never thought I'd resemble him. It's depressing.

My back still hurts. I can't walk upright. And I'm a waste of human space. But, that's me and my life. And a person talking about their life is boring to other people who have lives.

I did these yesterday. I think all the pages should be updated with the finished versions of them.

I'm not really sure what to do with these. I have a big stack of these drawings and it would feel weird throwing them away.

Oh, but, on the bright side, I've discovered a new way to quantify pain, like a meter. After the blinding pain, you just measure the amount of drool that leaked from your gritted teeth.


Inked and toned in around 6 hours. I don't know if that's too much time or not enough.