Alright, first things first. I'm not drawing nearly enough. I've started drawing whatever I feel like drawing, like for a little warm up before working on the comic. I should be doing at least one of these a day, sometimes more maybe. Probably should be doing more. I think I'll put 'em here; it's not like I can do anything else with them. And I'll try to put them up every couple days, whether they turn out alright or crappy.

Also, I'm gonna stop posting work on the comic here. I added a button on the right, that'll be updated instead of posting it here.

As an extension of myself, thus far, this (blogspot) has been pretty boring I think. But, I think it could at least be a little interesting. (Like this, not being able to see the words. I think it's funny.) So, I think I'm gonna start posting more abstractly or experimentally. Not about "work", so to speak. Not that I made a whole lot of sense before, but now I won't even by trying.

I don't know, I'll see how it goes.