Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you...

Abe of Spades

Monkey of Clubs

and Demon of Thoughts

Those are from a weird drawing I started yesterday. They all have different suits. (Pun-tastic!)

Man, the last few days have been weird. I couldn't really leave or go anywhere or anything so I was stuck here.

The drawing started from me watching Pink Floyd The Wall, which probably wasn't a good idea. Like I said, the last few days have been a little off. It's pretty much just me waiting on not hurting anymore. I think I've been in a constant cold sweat for the last 72-96 hours.

It was also going to have Michigan J. Frog in it. I don't really know why I took him out. It does have a skeleton with arms that I'm very proud of though.

Anyway, I think it's a little of The Wall, Timelord, and me. I didn't want to spend more than a day on it, so I just sort of colored what I wanted and stopped. Plus, I think I'm through with it. Not that it's finished, just that I'm through with it.

And here's a moon thing I found in a newspaper a long time ago. I kept the clipping from. I don't know why I added it, why not, I guess.

I can't wait to run again. I'm thinking I should wait till I can walk again though.