Step 1: scribble

I need to start actually acknowledging drawing, painting and rendering with photoshop. I'm starting this to see how badly I suck at them.

Penny to who can guess what it is.

(hint: Wizards of the Coast, not horticulture)
I'm still alive, so it seems.

It feels I've been really busy lately. Hopefully I'll be getting back into the groove of things.

No extra drawing recently, so here's this instead.

No Title

I was gonna talk about some stuff here, but... I gotta go here in a sec and it's not really a good time and all... I'll do it later. Maybe.

Here's this panel so I at least look alive and productive.


I'm not sure how to proceed with this. It's unclear which would look least bad- blocking shadows with solid black ink or blocking them with gray. I may end up changing the lights.

I just don't know at all.

I'm going to go do something else for awhile.

Yarva Demonicus Etrigan.

Change, change the form of man.
Free the prince forever damned.
Free the might from fleshy mire.
Boil the blood in heart of fire.
Gone, gone the form of man,
Rise the demon Etrigan!

Demon 2 of 3.
I felt like drawing a demon.

3 came to mind. This is one of them.
Boy, is this guy French or what?