Leaps & Bounds

This doesn't look like much, but it's witness of a substantial discovery.

I originally diddled this dime-sized head to be sure I could get a photoshop process down. And even though I haven't gotten photoshop to do exactly what I want, it let me find out a little about my crappy scanner.

The asinine company decided to just label whatever they want with whatever they felt like. So, when they put "Grayscale" up as an option for scanning, they don't mean it's output is going to be in grayscale (like every other scanner in the world), they mean the scanner will only register and pick up things that are a shade of black. I.e., scanning grayscale.

While this label makes no sense, and I can't believe the function exists, I'm ecstatic.

(Also, the head unintentionally resembles Spider Jerusalem. I just needed a head with shadows to try things out on and that's what popped out.)

Two-handed, Double-bladed Hammer Axe... Flaming

1d4 automatic damage just from declaring an attack
2d12 damage for hitting
1d6 damage for missing
(-yes, even when it misses it hits)

Tiny Drawings

Tiny structure doodles.