I went to the circus.

Just finished this page.

When I went to update, I noticed it was the page that was thumbnailed on the 10th. Struck me as odd for some reason.

Anyway, here's panel 7 from that page.

Also, MRCRW was upped again- also, I just noticed that this page was fixed right after I scanned it and I didn't care enough to rescan it. I forgot to draw her right hand with the gun. It's there now though, about where his knees are.

Almost pulled a Liefeld.

More thumbnail stuff.

Been really busy lately- all I've done over the last few days are layouts and thumbnails for pages.

Still trying to work into a groove.

I'm trying something different with the next 5 pages. Sort of doing them all at once. It seems like it'll be easier, but we'll see.

Hguone gnol koot ti.

It took an entire day to break this down to get a thumbnail.

It took 4+ pages of scribbles like this to sort it out and get to the point where I could even do a thumbnail. That's crazy.

But there is a lot crammed into just the one page.
Also, I changed out the M.R.C.R.W.

"What's this symbol for? It's meaningless."

The page I finished was pretty decent so I did this to unwind.

There are, like, 3 people that might get it.