"Yeah, it was awesome"

"...compared to bullsh*t."


Shine on you crazy diamond.

Did anyone else notice they stopped making good sharpies?

Did anyone else notice they stopped making the "coned" fine tip sharpie? I had this one laying around and just noticed they've become very hard to find.

All you can find are these "needle" fine tip sharpies. For whatever reason, I don't like them as much.

Also, I've started trying something different, and I think it'll be for the best. I'm gonna start working out all the perspective and various other kinks with sharpie on transparency sheets, then lightboxing them onto the page. So far it's working out pretty good. The page is completely less cluttered with unneeded marks and lines, and the final drawing is cleaner.

Which I think will pay out, because if I start to actually pencil pages, they'll have a more refined and finished look. Less sketchy and tons fewer eraser marks and left behind lines.

: I had to tape these to paper to get them to scan.

Also, on a side note, I start a new job tomorrow. It's not permanent- just a couple weeks that'll probably end up being a month or two. I'm gonna be a file clerk for a while. I'm a little concerned -mostly over the mirror of Harvey Pekar, what with me trying to get into comics and all- about taking it, but the money's too good to turn it down.

The only downside to it is it'll whittle comic time down a little. Hopefully I'll still work several hours a day on it. We'll see.