Can't really show what I've been working on, but here's a doodle I did at work Saturday. It's hard to drawing while crouching. I spent 10 minutes scrawling color on it a couple minutes ago.

It seems like I'm getting less and less free time, so the drawing output is really suffering. But, hopefully, I'll still be able to get things done relatively fast.


The next page is gonna take at least a few days. This is definitely the most cluttered page of the comic. I think, anyway. I hope.

I'm estimating I'll have to draw about 38 people on the page. I'm gonna try and not cop-out and just draw un-detailed shapes/outlines of bodies.

Between this, work, and about 3 or 4 other projects, it may take a while.

But, it'll show me what I'm made of.


Tiny panel.

Drawing Room

Not much work to show. Only thing I've finished recently is a piece for a show in December, and that won't be shown until then because it's for that show. Between emergency room visits and doctor visits, I haven't had much else time to work on the comic.

But, the other day, Staci pointed out that a corner of my room looked surreal, like something a photographer would set up and take pictures of.

There's a teabag on a can and a bee on a magna doodle.

I also noticed what had migrated to my office caddy- which included bullets and an energy drink.

A mustache (not pictured) was also in the caddy.

That's it for now.