Sloth in A Minor

Here's a something I finished November for a show the first week of December.

I ordered 11x17 prints from an online printer. But when they came, they were printed incorrectly. The deadline came and I still had no reply from the company, so I had to order from a different printer. The second time I ordered 6x9's. I spent the same both times, which started out with a few 11x17's, but converts to a crap-load of smaller ones.

I never really cared about making money from them, they were just for fun, but I figure I'll put them online sooner or later. Because I got a bunch left.

I also gave some leftovers as presents this year.

And to their credit, the first printer I used that messed up game me a refund. I actually used them a second time because they're pretty well known and I correctly assumed that this really was some sort of one in a million fluke. And it was, the second order was a good batch.

Next thing I post will probly be the second, unrelated, correctly printed 11x17 poster.

And here's the pencil scan because I like pencil scans.