This was gonna be an Invincible doodle, and it was turning out pretty good, until I realized I didn't know his costume well enough to remember it. It's changed, like, 5 times in the last few months. And because I was at work, I couldn't look it up.

Here's a quick Savage Dragon too.


This page turned out kind of blugh. The next one'll be better though.


I finished some pages from a while back. The photoshop is alright if you're doing a single image, or a couple, but 7 to 12 panels every page was killing me. And it took longer than it should have.

I'm only using photoshop for important stuff. No more ordinary pages or panels.

Doing pages like this, I can crank 'em out pretty fast. I finished 3 pages in about half a day (Er, finished as in got physical drawings ready to print- not start and completely finish from scratch).

I think it's all the in-between things that I get bogged down with. All the labor intensive transition stuff that gets taken for granted. Like the lettering. Yeah, it's computer text, but that's hand drawn balloon. Think about that for a second. How will I know if the word's will fit in the balloon or it's not too big? I had to come up with a process for that. It's all the in-between processes like that that are usually shoved on for the next guy to take care of and those are what's taking all of the time on this thing.

Anywho, I'm starting to really get the hang of it, I think.

Here's to hoping someday I'll have people to shove all this stuff on.


No significant comic work to show.

Quick doodle from work Thursday. It was in corner of a page of thumbnails and finished off with a giant dry dry erase marker.

I thought it turned out pretty good considering how/where and with what it was drawn with.


62.5 = Magic

I needed a quick example for an experiment, so I drew this real fast.


I drew this at work pretty quickly and colored it at home. It's funny, I designed and drew the whole costume really tiny in a corner, then drew the mask because I was interested in seeing how it'd look.

I picked the only part of the costume that looks exactly like the normal one- ANY other part of the costume looks completely different, except the shoulders up.

I might do a full body of Lucha Spiderman next time I work.

Also, I'm really thinking about doing a poster of the Avengers, lucha libre style. I'll probly think about it for a long time before getting around to doing it.


The other day I accidentally wasted the whole morning and I felt like doing something with the time I had left before I left for work, but there wasn't enough time to work on the comic. This is what came out.

A 45 minute speed drawing of Spiderman.

And the only reason it took that long is the webbing was surprisingly hard to keep track while drawing as fast as I could (notice around the shoulder/collar bone/neck area looks a little flaky). It was drawn and inked in about 30 minutes, but the costume webbing took all the rest of the time and I actually had to stop after I finished with the pen, leave for work, then fill in the black areas at work with a brush pen that I had already outlined. And, of course, I took about 10 minutes to color it after I got home from work.

I didn't do a thumbnail or anything, this is just what came out. I think he was gonna be standing when I started, but Spiderman standing is pretty boring. I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. At least the drawing part of it. I kept in mind a couple things that always bugged me about Spiderman/costumes in general. Actually drawing a costume, not a naked person with lines to indicate color changes- drawing gloves instead of "painted hands"- and of course, drawing webshooters even when the gloves are on. That last one always bugged me as a kid.

Anyway, that's that, I think.