The other day I accidentally wasted the whole morning and I felt like doing something with the time I had left before I left for work, but there wasn't enough time to work on the comic. This is what came out.

A 45 minute speed drawing of Spiderman.

And the only reason it took that long is the webbing was surprisingly hard to keep track while drawing as fast as I could (notice around the shoulder/collar bone/neck area looks a little flaky). It was drawn and inked in about 30 minutes, but the costume webbing took all the rest of the time and I actually had to stop after I finished with the pen, leave for work, then fill in the black areas at work with a brush pen that I had already outlined. And, of course, I took about 10 minutes to color it after I got home from work.

I didn't do a thumbnail or anything, this is just what came out. I think he was gonna be standing when I started, but Spiderman standing is pretty boring. I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. At least the drawing part of it. I kept in mind a couple things that always bugged me about Spiderman/costumes in general. Actually drawing a costume, not a naked person with lines to indicate color changes- drawing gloves instead of "painted hands"- and of course, drawing webshooters even when the gloves are on. That last one always bugged me as a kid.

Anyway, that's that, I think.