I finished some pages from a while back. The photoshop is alright if you're doing a single image, or a couple, but 7 to 12 panels every page was killing me. And it took longer than it should have.

I'm only using photoshop for important stuff. No more ordinary pages or panels.

Doing pages like this, I can crank 'em out pretty fast. I finished 3 pages in about half a day (Er, finished as in got physical drawings ready to print- not start and completely finish from scratch).

I think it's all the in-between things that I get bogged down with. All the labor intensive transition stuff that gets taken for granted. Like the lettering. Yeah, it's computer text, but that's hand drawn balloon. Think about that for a second. How will I know if the word's will fit in the balloon or it's not too big? I had to come up with a process for that. It's all the in-between processes like that that are usually shoved on for the next guy to take care of and those are what's taking all of the time on this thing.

Anywho, I'm starting to really get the hang of it, I think.

Here's to hoping someday I'll have people to shove all this stuff on.