Long term project...

This is something from a long term project. It'll probably be finished around December. Not really so much because it'll take that long, just mostly because it's a little side project. Something to work on a couple hours a week.

I should be getting back to working on Randall's Calamity comic soon; if not at full-force, a little bit here and there at least- until the unpacking is finished.

Anyway, not much else.

Here's a tiny, corner of the page Wolverine.


Something doesn't seem quite right with that young gentleman's arm...

This is my first official drawing in the new house. I did it as a warm up, and to be sure I could still draw after taking two and a half months off. It didn't take too long to finish the people, but it took all day today to finish the background.

I'm tired of looking at it, so I just stopped at the b&w.

I thought the Colonel turned out pretty good. Not bad for a warm up.

If you haven't read the books (and the movie doesn't count), do yourself a favor and read the 2,000+ page sci-fi epic.


Sophia Petrillo.

Did this a while ago, but the flash drive was packed away.


Dear Internet,

It's been a while. How is it going? Anything new?

I've been pretty busy. After a couple months the house is finally ready to be settled. Or, at least, ready enough for us to start settling. The studio is about set up, again, at least enough to start using it. Staci and I will be starting for serious on the house now. I think the living room's next.

I have fixed a couple problems this week as well. My site no longer is flagged as a harmful contaminant. And that was not even my fault. Did I tell you? About 6 or 8 months ago I received an e-mail from my host saying there was a "breach" (or something like that- just short of saying 'hacked') and that some user info may have been compromised. I kept an eye on it for a few months, and nothing happened, so I forgot about it. Then, at the end of march, I got on my site to see how badly the gallery needed to be updated and got the google warning saying the site was known to be an attack site, giving malware and stuff.

So I did what I could with my computer packed away in the garage. I removed everything that had been uploaded (about a billion pharmaceutical pages) but they had changed my html files. I couldn't get to the originals, so it was either leave them up, or, the site would not work for who knows how long until I could unpack my computer.

Anyway, a couple days ago I got around to finally re-uploading the original html's and request a review to get my site off the attack site list. Also, my e-mail wasn't working because of this. It is now though.

But, it looks like my computer is on it's last leg. It's been a good computer, but I think it is just getting too old. I do not know what's wrong with it. And that's saying something. I just spent the last hour getting it to turn on. It's kind of like an old car. I think all of it's parts are all going at once, in-so-much-as, if I replaced what is wrong, it would just be a new computer all-over. I think part of the reason it's working at all is because my dad picked up a power supply for me. I think that was more of a band-aid than a solution, though.

I'm going to use it for as long as I can though. Right now, it is at, what I like to call, the Mellinium Falcon Stage. As in when Solo defended his ship- "She'll hold together." Then under his breath, "Hear me, baby? Hold together..." I think it's earned the rank.

Anyway, like I said, the studio's in enough shape to just about use for something other than storing boxes. And I have more than one pencil now and some paper, so I should be starting back to work soon. Nothing new yet, and probably not for a little while, but here is a Logan doodle I drew a couple months ago and never got around to posting.

Your pal,

P.S.- I have a Sophia Petrillo that I never got around to posting either. It's somewhere on the flash drive that was packed up and boxed away. That'll probably be next.