This is a pretty old image. I don't have access to my PC right now, all I have is my flash drive, and this was the only thing that I think wasn't already here. Just a tiny side doodle from a working out a page.

So, a few weeks ago, I noticed that hasn't been update in a very long time- over a year, almost two?...

I hate updating the gallery. I'm planning to reformat everything. In my opinion, more that a dozen or so images is just overkill, for me anyway. I'm not looking to give a retrospective of work, just give a general idea of what I'm doing.

I noticed a lot of people will have a gallery of 20,000 thumbnails of everything they've ever done- half of which are over 10 years old. So you're forced to wade through the stuff they couldn't edit out themselves. I don't want to do that. I feel like it's too much like holding onto the past, like high school football stars who didn't do anything after high school. “Well, I did this one thing that looked pretty good 8 years ago...”

I'm not saying that I think people think that, or even care either way, but it's the small stuff that matters to me.

Anyway, I'm gonna get around to redesigning my internet. Maybe around January/February. It's in the works, designs and stuff. I'm leaning more towards simple and not over-design. I think a lot of the internet is over designed. Or, at least, poorly designed. Like Facebook or Deviantart (lets see how many buttons we can cram down in the corners or hide under tabs, under tabs in subdividers).

I don't think it'll be too much work. Maybe a full day or two when I really get down to it. I mostly want something I only have to update once or twice a year. Something nice and easy. I dropped flash years ago because it was too labor intensive to actually use for a site that had to be updated with thumbnails and stuff. Even if you made it easy to update and didn't have to change the .swf file, you had to update a dozen others. I started using blogger for a pseudo site page after I started to follow Sean Phillips. And then noticed and realized about a billion other people used blogger for that.

I'm causally strolling through the designing process. No need to rush yet. I'm always torn between the images of a gallery opening in a new window or in the current one. There needs to be some sort of store, because God willing, I should have a book or two finished and be knee deep in another. I swear, I'm gonna get to The Heist if it kills me. Of course, this would be easier if I didn't have to have a real job, or I got paid to do this.

Speaking of which, a little glimmer of hope-

I saw a Jim Lee interview that was a bit reassuring. I've always been worried that I'm way too slow at drawing to get a real job at it. I'm estimating about 10-14 hours to draw a normal 6-8 panel page, then part of a day to ink it, then time to finish it on computer. I know some professionals, who's work I like, can completely draw and ink a page in the time it takes to play through a DVD.

Now, I know I'm not the biggest Jim Lee fan, but he said in the interview that a page will usually take him 12 hours to finish.

I know I'm no Jim Lee, but that's a glint of light.

Oop, gotta get to work now.

I'm not sure if that was cohesive or not, but I've been meaning to declare my renovating intentions officially. Might have to talk more about it later to clarify after I've gotten some sleep.