More sketchbook stuff

I've just gotten to the tough part of the sketchbook. The last, I don't know, 15 pages or so are perforated, making the easy to tear paper that much easier to tear.

I can't say I'll miss this sketchbook after I'm done. It's been a pain to work with. But, I will say that as soon as I'm finished with this one, I'm gonna start another immediately.

But, with individual pages of illustration board.

I've like the idea of the sketchbook because, for example, if I feel like seeing how I'd draw Link, I can draw a tiny simple drawing, without having to fill up and entire 11x17 page with backgrounds and secondary characters and stuff (which I would, because that's usually what I do) and still have a finished drawing.

Also, I've fallen behind on toning them. I'm behind a good 5 or 6 thanks to my computer pooping out on me. But, these are really simple tones, on tiny drawings, so if I had to, I could probably do almost all the rest of them in a day (20 or so, not the 5 or 6).

I still think I'm gonna have to rip out the last 8 or so pages and finish them on my own time. Might not even rip them out, just send 'em in blank and finish what I was gonna draw on illustration board.

I need to really get a foothold and start ripping into the Calamity comic. One good metaphoric push and the thing'll be done. I was looking over stuff, and I think I started this thing back in October 2008.

That's almost 3 years. If I haven't finished this thing by this October, I think I'm gonna kill myself.

I guess that's my goal for this thing. Not killing myself, finishing by October. I have hopes of maybe February or March, but who know's what my schedule will look like between now and then.

And there's the pinups and cover and junk. But that's the fun stuff everyone always seems to do first. I'm glad I saved those for last. I'd probably want to do them over again.

I think I have 13 more pages to draw? Honestly, that wouldn't be nothing to crack out... If I had some sort of Dragonball Room of Spirit and Time. Getting time to work on it is the killer for me, not the actual time it takes to work on it (-I know that sentence is hard to make sense of).

I don't know, I feel like I'm rambling now.

There can be only one... thing.

Man, I gotta start cranking these things out if I wanna get this thing finished in time.

70 - D

Doctor Emmett Lathrop "Doc" Brown, Ph. D.


Drawing real drawings in a sketchbook is frustrating.

This, to the left, is pretty much what I have to do with every drawing. And trying to hold the sketchbook and draw at the same time is like-

Imagine having a shoe box, or a jewelry box. Then having a pad of paper flat on the bottom. Now, put your hands completely inside the box and try to hold the box and the pad against a wall while drawing. That's what it feels like.

I would've normally had fun with all the wizzles and gadgets on this one, but because the pack was on the paper divide, it wasn't so much fun. I just had to slap it down before the paper ripped. Because these are ultra cheap and the pages will rip from just holding them down the wrong way.

I like the sketchbook idea, and I'll probly try to do one of these every year, but not like this one. I'll draw on real pieces of paper and collect those. No more crap like this. This wouldn't be hard if I didn't want full bleeds on most of the scans.

But if anyone wants to get better at drawing, this is definitely the way to go. More on this arduous task of a book later, I'm sure.

Ugh, after finicking with the paper (not actual drawing, mind you), it's too late for anything and I need to get to bed.


Here's a Bryan Cranston/Walter White.

And on a weird note, Blogger's giving me problems now. This was originally in the post above, but it wouldn't load it as a click-able image, only a thumbnail that wouldn't open in a new window. So, this had to be it's own post.

R.I.P. Computron

My computer finally went on to be with the Lord this last week.

I'd been having trouble with it for a couple months. It wouldn't turn on on command for about 6 months. It would take longer and longer to get it to turn on.

Towards the end, it would take multiple days to turn on. I just tried to keep it on and from turning off. This last time it was on for a couple weeks, but a breaker switched the other night, and she never turned back on.

This is my current computer. A couple hard drives and a USB adapter.

I'll take some time later to go through and pull out any parts I may be able to reuse. For now, I just had to rip out the hard drives as fast as I could and get files off them.

I'm pretty sure it was the motherboard. The power supply was fine. All the other stuff I thought it might be checked out fine by my standards. I'll probably have to buy a cheap motherboard soon and hobble something together real quick.

Depending on what parts I'm gonna need to end up buying, I'm guessing it'll be somewhere between $100 and $200. I need something cheap and quick.

It doesn't have to look pretty, it just was to work.

Man, if it's not one thing, it's twelve. Stuff like this keeps happening and my to-do-list isn't getting any shorter because of it.

27- Snake Plissken

The last month or two, I've been working on this sketchbook. It's a medium sized Moleskine. Almost 5.5 x 8.5, but not quite. And boy, Moleskine has really went downhill. It's made of super cheap paper that bleeds through. I'm about halfway through 40 drawings.

It's for the 2011 Sketchbook Project. When I finish, I have to mail it back. Before I started it, I knew that I wanted something out of it, so I've been scanning them and toning them. When I'm finished, I'm gonna have cheap-o sketchbooks printed.

I figured it'd be good practice, and boy was I right. For starters, the thing's tiny. The actual drawing area's about 4 x 7. For an example, look at Plissken up at the top. If this were an untreated bare scan of the sketchbook, the book actually ends about an inch and a half before the actual edges of the picture. Well, just look at Bronson down a couple posts. Because the printed sketchbook pages are going to be bigger that the physical sketchbook's pages, if I want something to go to the edge of the page, I have to tape paper to the sketchbook to finish the drawing. Plissken's gun barrel on the left and elbow on the right both go off the page, so I have to tape paper to the page to finish the drawing. Which wouldn't be bad, except that the book's about 1/3 of an inch thick; it's like trying to write all the way across paper that's half on a table top and half off.

But, this was really, really good practice. It's letting me draw full, finished things that aren't giant full page illustrations. The only other thing I'm trying to draw is the Calamity comic, and this lets me try different things out. Like, if I want a crazy line-y or blotchy background that might look good in my head but I'm not sure about in reality, I can try it on one of these that don't really matter- instead of trying it in the comic and ruining a page.

I guess it's sort of my idea of what a sketchbook really is. Trial and error, then move on without fixing it; because it doesn't matter.

And I know it's good practice because every time I sit down and get to draw on a real page now, I'm always like, "Oh, wow, this is really nice. The paper's flat and doesn't rip off if I erase."

I'm not devoting all my time to it though. Trying not to, at least. Because they're so small, they don't take very much time to completely finish. I'm trying to work mainly on the Calamity comic, with this on the side. Like, 2 a week. Here lately I've only been doing 1 a week, so I'm not as far along as I would like to be to.

The deadline's January 15, I think. I'm thinking I might have to rip out the last 5 or 6 pages and send it in without them. Finish the last pages at my leisure.

...that's it, I think. I can't think of anything else to say about it. Right now, at least. I might post a couple more eventually.

The End.


Finished drawing this page today. I still have to finish finish this batch of pages though. Don't know when that'll happen, but shouldn't take too long from when I get started.

Also, I suppose I've officially unveiled some previously unposted drawings this week, and so I'm tempted to post a couple of those.

Eh, maybe more on that later.