More sketchbook stuff

I've just gotten to the tough part of the sketchbook. The last, I don't know, 15 pages or so are perforated, making the easy to tear paper that much easier to tear.

I can't say I'll miss this sketchbook after I'm done. It's been a pain to work with. But, I will say that as soon as I'm finished with this one, I'm gonna start another immediately.

But, with individual pages of illustration board.

I've like the idea of the sketchbook because, for example, if I feel like seeing how I'd draw Link, I can draw a tiny simple drawing, without having to fill up and entire 11x17 page with backgrounds and secondary characters and stuff (which I would, because that's usually what I do) and still have a finished drawing.

Also, I've fallen behind on toning them. I'm behind a good 5 or 6 thanks to my computer pooping out on me. But, these are really simple tones, on tiny drawings, so if I had to, I could probably do almost all the rest of them in a day (20 or so, not the 5 or 6).

I still think I'm gonna have to rip out the last 8 or so pages and finish them on my own time. Might not even rip them out, just send 'em in blank and finish what I was gonna draw on illustration board.

I need to really get a foothold and start ripping into the Calamity comic. One good metaphoric push and the thing'll be done. I was looking over stuff, and I think I started this thing back in October 2008.

That's almost 3 years. If I haven't finished this thing by this October, I think I'm gonna kill myself.

I guess that's my goal for this thing. Not killing myself, finishing by October. I have hopes of maybe February or March, but who know's what my schedule will look like between now and then.

And there's the pinups and cover and junk. But that's the fun stuff everyone always seems to do first. I'm glad I saved those for last. I'd probably want to do them over again.

I think I have 13 more pages to draw? Honestly, that wouldn't be nothing to crack out... If I had some sort of Dragonball Room of Spirit and Time. Getting time to work on it is the killer for me, not the actual time it takes to work on it (-I know that sentence is hard to make sense of).

I don't know, I feel like I'm rambling now.