Drawing real drawings in a sketchbook is frustrating.

This, to the left, is pretty much what I have to do with every drawing. And trying to hold the sketchbook and draw at the same time is like-

Imagine having a shoe box, or a jewelry box. Then having a pad of paper flat on the bottom. Now, put your hands completely inside the box and try to hold the box and the pad against a wall while drawing. That's what it feels like.

I would've normally had fun with all the wizzles and gadgets on this one, but because the pack was on the paper divide, it wasn't so much fun. I just had to slap it down before the paper ripped. Because these are ultra cheap and the pages will rip from just holding them down the wrong way.

I like the sketchbook idea, and I'll probly try to do one of these every year, but not like this one. I'll draw on real pieces of paper and collect those. No more crap like this. This wouldn't be hard if I didn't want full bleeds on most of the scans.

But if anyone wants to get better at drawing, this is definitely the way to go. More on this arduous task of a book later, I'm sure.

Ugh, after finicking with the paper (not actual drawing, mind you), it's too late for anything and I need to get to bed.