Crap ton

I've got a crap ton of these to finish. I only have up to around the first twenty of these finished, after that, I've just been scanning them and saving the line art.

I think the last time I spent any at home time on these was before December.

I think what I'm gonna do is save them all up, then, see if I can finish them all in one night. The tones aren't complicated- one of the rules I set was not to render or shadow or whatever with tones, just fill in whole shapes.

Also related, I've been meaning to redesign my internet for a while. It doesn't really reflect what or how I draw very well. It's all designed(scrawled out) on paper, I just have to do it. But I want to finish this sketchbook first.

And then there's that comic thing...



Well... That's disappointing.

Yesterday I finished a sketch, but apparently I was in too big a hurry.

The way I do these is, I'll roll a bunch of letters at the same time. Then, decide what I want to draw with them. Then, for each letter, I'll just draw tiny thumbnails until I get one I like. I'll do all the letters, 12 or 20 at the same time, so they're hard to keep track of sometimes.

I wanted to draw the Toxic Avenger, and this was the one I wanted to draw. But it was on the back of the page, and I didn't see it.

And this one was the one I accidentally did last night.

I really liked that thumbnail, so I think I'm gonna redraw this one.

Also, I sent that sketchbook back, so from here on out, these are all on my paper. My big, luxuriously sized, near tear-proof paper.

If I was still doing these in the sketchbook, I definitely wouldn't be redrawing it...

Do you feel lucky?...

Ok, this is kinda funny. This is the first time photoshop has ever just failed for me. It had an unexpected error, or something along those lines, and while I was saving this bitmap file, the program just closed itself...

And this is the file it saved. The exact file, size and everything.


Well, Staci and I finally got into the Buswater house to get our stuff out. Maybe about a week ago, I don't remember. But when we got there, there were some more orders that I didn't know about.

Just for Lt. Worf. Multiple orders, from different people, for just Worf.

When I mailed the prints I wanted to include a "What's wrong with you?!" note.

I wasn't even going to hang this one, but Staci convinced me.

I don't know, I think it's weird.