Well... That's disappointing.

Yesterday I finished a sketch, but apparently I was in too big a hurry.

The way I do these is, I'll roll a bunch of letters at the same time. Then, decide what I want to draw with them. Then, for each letter, I'll just draw tiny thumbnails until I get one I like. I'll do all the letters, 12 or 20 at the same time, so they're hard to keep track of sometimes.

I wanted to draw the Toxic Avenger, and this was the one I wanted to draw. But it was on the back of the page, and I didn't see it.

And this one was the one I accidentally did last night.

I really liked that thumbnail, so I think I'm gonna redraw this one.

Also, I sent that sketchbook back, so from here on out, these are all on my paper. My big, luxuriously sized, near tear-proof paper.

If I was still doing these in the sketchbook, I definitely wouldn't be redrawing it...