A steady drip...

I'm gonna try to start putting stuff up again every couple days. To prove I'm alive and doing something.

Here's my current background. After I scanned it, it looked sort of like a desktop background, so... there you have it.


Only a handful more of these to do. Slowly getting back into draw mode. Also, going to eventually get around redesigning everything around here.

Hopefully soon. We'll see.


History's greatest inventor.

It's funny, because that's not even close to an overstatement.

He was sort of the most important person time ever forgot. It's odd that you learn about Edison in school, but Edison was a joke compared to Tesla. Honestly. Look it up. If Tesla didn't invent half the things he did, we wouldn't have life as we know it.

It's sort of discouraging to think about how much of a horrible person Edison was, and how... inferior he was as an inventor. And he's the one history remembers.

It's also funny, that originally, this drawing called for a welding visor type hat, a rubber apron and elbow length gloves, but I opted to dump them, because that's how Tesla rolled.


This was from a thumbnail from the Calamity comic and I liked it. He's about as big as Lincoln is on a penny.

"You're already dead."


God of Righteous Thunder

Also related, this should be playing for full effect.

I'm surprised this doesn't look like 100% crap. I threw it together in what seemed like about half an hour.


I remember hating this when I finished it, but now I kind of like it. Little Pete doesn't really look much like the real-life counter part, but I like the abstract Big Pete.

I'm not sure if there was any reference for Big Pete, I think I just drew him real quick and he came out ok without having to erase anything. On the show, I remember him always standing in a field, wind blowing, in a denim jacket. Sort of like a scarecrow, I guess.


Real quick-

I just finished goofing around with this. This was about as 3d as I could make it. I had a more complicated one before this one, but half tones make it really hard to 3d something.

I had it really 3d, with sections of his hand and arm in varying levels, but it left really bad cracks in the tones (If you have glasses, you'll see what I mean around his hand). But turns out, line art without tones 3d's up really good.

So that's good to know.

Also I found out, when you upload photos to blogger, it recalibrates jpgs to it's own specifications. Apparently my file was too good of quality and so blogger crapped it down automatically for me. This was the original jpg file, the exact file uploaded to blogger. If you open them in tabs and toggle back and forth, you can see what I mean. And I know it doesn't look like much of a difference, but with glasses, the blogger version looks like crap.

Also good to know.