Well, there it is. My internet is finished. More or less.

It's set from old to new. I took down a lot of stuff and changed a lot of other stuff. I've made it so stuff can be bought.

I imagine the content of the site will change from time to time. That's why there's limited space in sections, like the gallery. The new stuff will push out the old.

And I think a lot of the stuff for sale will be sort of a limited time thing. I don't plan on leaving all that stuff up forever, but at the same time, I may forget about it for a long time. That's sort of what happened the last year or two. But the site should be a lot easier to update the way it is. That's pretty much how it was designed- to be as easy to update or change as I could make it.

If something looks funny, or doesn't work, e-mail me ( and let me know. Everything works and looks right on my browser, but I didn't check every browser in existence. I'm also banking on the site being so simple and having none of the bells and whistles that it used to have. It should be pretty set and without errors. I know the paypal stuff is slow and glitchy sometimes, but that's paypal- I can't do anything about that.

Also, I went ahead and put up the sketchbook, even though I haven't gotten the ones I ordered yet. According to the printer's agreement, they have another month before they have to have them to me. I couldn't wait another month to put up the site and it was already designed and waiting to be uploaded, so... they're really only up for preorder. I also added a sketch option, so if anyone wants a drawing in it, it's only 10 more dollars. And the drawings in the book are probably a good example of what you'd get, because most of them were done in a book almost the exact same size.

I think that's about it. Starting now, the only thing on the agenda for the foreseeable future, besides some minor to major housework, is working on the Calamity comic*.


*mentioned here in better detail.

Well, that was a little anticlimactic.

The last couple days I've been fooling around with redesigning around here, and almost everything's finished. The aesthetic's super simple, but it was designed to echo how I'm drawing now.

Everything's almost finished. I'll probably be tweaking it forever, every now and then, but the bulk's finished. I sat down tonight thinking that the scripting was gonna take me all night- there's a clickable random image load that I've been worrying about since I designed the new look a couple months ago. Worry is too strong a word, more like kept in mind.

I guess I've just come to accept that whenever I start to script something, to set aside an entire night for it, because my scripting never goes right and takes all night to correct and get working.

When I actually started, it may have taken all of 10 minutes. Maybe less. It worked almost perfectly the first go- almost without any fidgeting.

And now I'm sitting here with almost nothing to do because I'd pretty much set aside the whole night for it. There are a couple smaller things that I can research, but I didn't bring the files to work on them because I didn't think there was any way I'd get to them tonight.

One thing about the new format is that the background is white. And because blogger's going to be formatted to match the aesthetic, some past blogger things are going to look off. Like the little signature thing down at the bottom that I've just started using. It'll look off, but I'm not gonna go back and fix them all.

Also, the first tiny batch of sketchbooks are ordered. Here's to hoping there's no problems with them.

After this site stuff is sorted out and finished, there's nothing but comic ho!


Well, all these are done. I toned the rest of these today. All twelve or thirteen of them- they're hard to keep track of. I haven't slept in a day or so, but they're done. There's just a few tidbits here and there to do, but this book is 99.5% finished. I'm gonna go try to take a nap.

Last one...

Well, this was the last drawing I had to do. It won't be long till this book's done.

I remember trying to draw Major Glory a couple years ago, in almost the exact same pose. Maybe his hands were on his hips. This one turned out better.

This seriously took like 20 minutes, if that. I would've liked to have spent more time on it, but I had to eat lunch and get ready for work. I spent all morning working up to drawing this (I watched a movie or two), and in the end, I had to pretty much start and finish it before I had to go to work.

One to go

Quick recap- I started a series of drawings a while ago with the intentions of eventually printing it as a sketchbook. It took longer than I thought it would to finish. I just drew the cover. I'm down to the last page. After that I'll just have the tedious job before me of toning about a dozen or so of them. Hopefully this thing'll be ready to print by next week.



I finally got around to finishing this drawing last night. I just scanning it and it made me laugh. That's a pretty good job of making a person explode like confetti if I do say so myself.

New Printer

Alright, so, I recently got a large format printer and I've been playing with it the last couple days. I'm finishing up that sketchbook, and I'm trying the printer out with it.

One of the things I can do now, is take a tiny thumbnail like this.<-

Print it on board like this. <-

And then just keep drawing it like this. <-

This may look like it's just being lazy, but it may prove useful later because it saves lots of time. So, if nothing else, I know I have this if I ever get in a pinch for time.

Also, this printer means I have an infinite number of redo's. Whenever I scan a drawing, it's like a save in a video game. No matter what happens, if I mess it up or spill something on it, I can always just print it out and start where I saved. And I'm looking forward to working on the Calamity comic because this means if something doesn't turn out right, I don't have to redraw it, I just have to reprint it and try it again.

There are about a half dozen awesome things that I'm looking forward to using and trying.

And that sketchbook's almost done. Just a couple more drawings to go. One page, the cover, and I have to check with the printing company to be sure they can do double page spreads- and if yes, one more page. So three. Maybe.