New Printer

Alright, so, I recently got a large format printer and I've been playing with it the last couple days. I'm finishing up that sketchbook, and I'm trying the printer out with it.

One of the things I can do now, is take a tiny thumbnail like this.<-

Print it on board like this. <-

And then just keep drawing it like this. <-

This may look like it's just being lazy, but it may prove useful later because it saves lots of time. So, if nothing else, I know I have this if I ever get in a pinch for time.

Also, this printer means I have an infinite number of redo's. Whenever I scan a drawing, it's like a save in a video game. No matter what happens, if I mess it up or spill something on it, I can always just print it out and start where I saved. And I'm looking forward to working on the Calamity comic because this means if something doesn't turn out right, I don't have to redraw it, I just have to reprint it and try it again.

There are about a half dozen awesome things that I'm looking forward to using and trying.

And that sketchbook's almost done. Just a couple more drawings to go. One page, the cover, and I have to check with the printing company to be sure they can do double page spreads- and if yes, one more page. So three. Maybe.