Sketch Cards

Ok, so I've started doing these. Two and a half inch by three and a half inch bordered cards with a drawing of something on them. They're a really good exercise for drawing small, and they're quick, and they're fun. They're $3.50 each(including shipping).

If anyone orders them, keep in mind the actual drawing area's less than 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I.e.- if you request something like, "The A-team fighting a dinosaur on a meteor smashing into the earth", you're pretty much gonna be getting stick figures and dots and stuff.

Also, the drawing material will be discretionary. Most of them will probably be finished with pen and ink, but if I think the drawing holds up well enough or it might turn out better, some may just be pencil. Sometimes a little watercolor maybe, who knows.

Here are a few examples of what to expect-

If you want one (or ten), order them in the store.

hand w/ gun

Finished drawing this page.

On to the next one.


I thought I would finish this page this morning after work, but I'm just gonna go to bed. Hopefully, I'll finish this page, lay the next one out and start drawing on that one tonight.

I'm trying to start working on this all the time again. Hope I can keep it up indefinitely.

Also, I'm really gonna have to start looking for an additional scanner. This one's awesome for large format B&W scans, but for color it really sucks. The background is completely laid out in that panel, but the scanner didn't pick it up at all- granted, it's lightly drawn in blue, but still, it didn't pick any of it up.

I'm not inclined to color digitally, so when I start coloring stuff, I'm gonna have to find a decent color scanner. I'm still not sure if I can find a scanner that's just a scanner. I might have to buy one of those 30-in-one machines they sell. For 30 times the cost, I'm sure.

Ah well.


progress report: 34.1

This page is about halfway drawn.

The crappy scanner doesn't pick up pencil very well.

I keep waiting for days (like I was used to have when I began this project) where I have nothing to do for entire day but draw. I'm beginning to realize I'm not going to have any of those anymore. Especially not with my super crappy work schedule- where my time goes to either sleeping now because I'm not going to be able to sleep for the next 24 hours, or, sleeping now because I haven't slept in almost 24 hours.

I'm gonna try to get used to working an hour or two here and there. Otherwise, as about the last two years have revealed (less than a page a month, I think), I'm not going to get anything done.


It's been about ten days since I put up anything, so here's what I'm working on right at this minute.

Prepare for this image to never be explained.