Drawing Table Tuesday

(Sort of...)

Ok, so I noticed that I don't really post very often lately and I was trying to think of ways to make more posts that won't take up too much of my time. This is what I came up with-

Every Tuesday, I take a picture of whatever's on the drawing table the way it was left the night before. (since most of my drawing time is on my main one day off -Monday)

The only problem with getting this started is this-

I finished what I was working on yesterday and hung them up, so... there's nothing there.

The very last thing I worked on last night were some cards that I threw over on my lightbox before I went to bed. So here's a picture of my lightbox/cutting table-

I'm in the middle of drawing cards of all of the X-men from the 90's cartoon. No reason really, other than they're quick and I thought they'd be fun to draw. I'll probably post them when I've finished them.

So, in conclusion, here's to the beginning of maybe more than a dozen posts a year.