Stone thumbnail

Staci was asked a while ago if she wanted to be in an exhibit in Huntington. They said they were still looking for some work, Staci asked me if I would want to do something for it and I told her sure.

I could've just put in whatever I had sitting around that I had already finished for something else, like some of those sketchbook drawings, but I think that's kind of cheap. I think it's kind of crappy when artists show the same 2 drawings over and over again. I wanted to do something just for that show that wasn't used for anything else before.

So, I dusted off my doodle book I usually tote around with me and flipped through it. I always have about 50 things planned to draw ahead of time that are already thumbnailed out, or at least have been planned to some degree.

This was one of them. Up top is a tiny thumbnail of part of the drawing I'm doing for the show. It's something I've had plans to draw for just about two years now, but never had a reason to draw it and so I couldn't justify the time needed for it.

I will say though, I'm maybe about 75% finished with the drawing part of it, and it's probably been the most intimidating drawing I've ever done. Not because it's particularly hard or difficult to draw, but because of it's sheer size. And knowing what has to go in all that space. The main finished piece is going to be 11x17. But that's full bleed, so the size of the drawing is 13x19. I didn't have ANY paper that big, I had to make a special trip to buy paper that big. Thanks to that sketchbook, I've grown accustomed(spoiled) to the tiny 4x7 drawing area.

...But then again, I don't know... when I first went from drawing on 8.5x11 printer paper to full sized 11x17 pages, that was pretty intimidating too.

I'm looking forward to finishing it with the ink though, even though retracing the drawing is probably gonna take days. And it has more black than I normally use.

I'll probably post again soon, after I finished all the pencil part.