I was talking about this earlier tonight, so here it is.

I'm getting fairly certain, that if I could get paid to do this, I'd do a pretty alright job. The problem I'm having right now is that as soon as I get into the groove and I'm just starting to fire on all cylinders, the alarm goes off and it's time to go to my job that pays with money.

I don't know why, but it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours to zone in and really get started. After that, it's pretty easy to just sit there and keep it up. But getting started like that when you have only a teeny bit of time can be rough.

And slow. Because as soon as you really get started, you have to quit again.





I forgot to wake up in time to take a picture for Drawing Table Tuesday, so here's a picture of a card I drew a couple days ago. Ironically, featuring my sentiments towards trying to remember Drawing Table Tuesday EVERY Tuesday.

Related- I'm trying to practice real lettering every so often. I found out that hand lettering is also almost exclusively done with nibs for a reason. Somewhere, I have about 2 dozen nibs, but all I can find are the holders- I have no idea what I've done with them. I'm using some crappy Japanese cartridge nib pen right now, but it craps out on me all the time, and, I'm on the last cartridge with no intentions of buying more.


A 5x7, an 8x10, and an 11x17 print set.

These were drawn at actual size, they weren't reduced or enlarged when printed.

Drawing Table Tuesday

Well, this is what was on my desk when I rolled out of bed this morning.

Drawing Table Tuesday

This'll probably be what I'm working on most of this week.


Well, this is finished. For now, anyway. I still have to print and frame it.