Well, I thought I'd have this page finished today. I didn't even finish this panel. Man, work is kicking my free time's butt. I had to fit normal life stuff into today (today being my one day off), so I didn't get as much drawing done as I'd hoped.

Hope I can go back to part time again soon. Here's to maybe finishing this page sometime next week.


New Project

Trying to rev up for a side project. Nothing big, just something to work on in spare time- or at least time I can't do anything else useful.


For the sake of time, I've started light-boxing every once in a while. I can usually get what I'm going for in thumbnails, but it can get pretty tedious transferring it full size on the page. Lately, if I don't get it on the first crack or two, instead of fussing with it until I do, I'll scan and print out a blow up of the thumbnail and light box it on the page.
It's hard to make out because the blue doesn't pick up very well, but once the layout's finished, it's usually down hill.

I haven't seen my schedule for next week yet, but hopefully, by this time next week this page'll be done. Knock on wood, at least.

Drawing Table Tuesday

Another day, another dollar. Sort of.