In order to get a better idea of a page count, in spare time I've begun scripting from a rough draft (probably about the 5th version of a rough draft of a plot outline of an outline). It's funny that there were a couple places that were originally, pretty much, "they have a conversation". And those conversations we the entirety of those sections and are 10 - 15 pages long once they're actually typed out.

So far, it's going pretty speedily and smoothly.

But like I said, this is just for a rough idea for a page count (before this I was just guessing). I'm sure there are places that I'll condense or expand page counts. But I'm expecting that and it's bound to happen.

I think I read Randall mention this program. I downloaded it, I don't know, a year ago or something and haven't had a use for it till now. I like the idea and aesthetic of it.


Man, this page was finished pretty fast.


I am Error.

Mistakes are sometimes made when you're hurriedly trying to finish things to go to bed.