Site update (...again.)

Wasn't too happy with the last time I updated my site. I think I was mostly in a hurry and got it finished as quickly as I could and never looked back.

I just spent yesterday evening and this morning in a hurry trying to get it finished as quickly as I could. I guess I eventually figured if I picked the stamp motif, I should see it all the way through.

Stuff should, more or less, stay the same from here on out for a long while.

In a couple months (or less) I'll be using this blog less for work and more for random stuff, kind of a more personal level, I guess- like if I see a clown driving a tank by my house, I'll post a picture here.

I'll be using on a more official capacity. Although it will be updated far less frequently. (I'll have to unlock it before then...)

In a few months I feel I'll need to divide personal from work, or at least, feel like I'll want the option at some point.

The other night I double checked google to be sure there wasn't some crappy, obscure character already named this. I laughed when I was already the first search hit*.

Here's hoping for the first search hit for Eldrich Lead.

*well, the first image search...

What manner of sorcery is this?

I bought this flash drive in college a long time ago. My guess is around 8 years. Back then, unless you special ordered one, you could only get a 512MB or 1GB flash drive in most stores, and even then, they were on the more expensive side. I didn't need excessive space, just something so I could caddy files from home to school. This is a cheap-o 512MB one I bought at walmart. I haven't used it very much lately because I have a bunch of MicroSDs and I've been using those and the adapter, but the adapter just went out on me, so I've been using this again.

Yesterday, I noticed that there are a lot of files on it and that it should be pretty full by now. So I checked it. Then, checked it on a different computer. Then copied the files onto a hard drive to triple check and make sure that these numbers are real. And they are.

Now I remember in college having to dump this flash drive all the time because it filled up quickly. I don't know what's happening here. Someone explain it.

I've named the flash drive Merlin because of it's wizardry.


You can't splatter lead.


On draw days, I'm gonna have to start dividing my attention now. Main goal: CCatTwNN; lesser goal for now: back burner project.

I, soon-to-be officially, have three months to completely finish CCatTwNN. That's not an estimate for having it finished, I mean it HAS to be done. After then, I won't be able to work on it anymore.

Three months is more than plenty of time to finish three and a half pages and a few illustrations for it though.

I feel like in a few months, a chime will ring and a thundering voice will say, "It is time." And I will know what I have to do. And I will do it.


A finally finished, 158 page script. It looked far less daunting before it was printed with the appropriate page breaks.

[photographed with lightbox on for dramatic effect]


Creepy Old Guy