Site update (...again.)

Wasn't too happy with the last time I updated my site. I think I was mostly in a hurry and got it finished as quickly as I could and never looked back.

I just spent yesterday evening and this morning in a hurry trying to get it finished as quickly as I could. I guess I eventually figured if I picked the stamp motif, I should see it all the way through.

Stuff should, more or less, stay the same from here on out for a long while.

In a couple months (or less) I'll be using this blog less for work and more for random stuff, kind of a more personal level, I guess- like if I see a clown driving a tank by my house, I'll post a picture here.

I'll be using on a more official capacity. Although it will be updated far less frequently. (I'll have to unlock it before then...)

In a few months I feel I'll need to divide personal from work, or at least, feel like I'll want the option at some point.

The other night I double checked google to be sure there wasn't some crappy, obscure character already named this. I laughed when I was already the first search hit*.

Here's hoping for the first search hit for Eldrich Lead.

*well, the first image search...