Lighter in hand.

Also, I noticed this today-

I've done that for a while- cover up logos, but I guess I never gave it much thought. It's always bugged me that companies will put their logo all the **** over something, to the point of making it an eyesore. That's bugged me since I was a kid. I never understood how car dealerships got away with permanently tagging cars they sell. If I ever buy a car new from a dealership, a stipulation will be that there's no dealership tattoo on it- unless they cut me a huge advertising discount.

I have stamps and stickers I put on my things whenever there's an obnoxious logo staring me in the face. When I started to print on these, I started printing over their logo and "label". (I also think it's dumb to label something what it is- I don't know why paper companies print COMIC BOOK DRAWING BOARD on top of the comic book drawing board. You wouldn't buy a rug that had RUG stitched into the front of it, unless you're an unfunny hipster who thinks it's funny in an ironic way.)

It takes about 6 second to stamp out the logo, but I think it brings the page together, in an intangible, never going to be seen on the finished product kind of way.

More on this later, I guess.