Well, I finally got around to unlocking and updating the other blog. But as you may be able to tell, it will be updated extremely sparingly. And that's the project I'll start on fairly soon. By the beginning of next month.

I felt like I needed to distance myself, or at least my name, from the project. So I gave it it's own website. And that's the website ( that will be printed on everything instead of the one that's my name. I guess I figured that my name being on something once was enough.

Thinking about it, at some point I probably assumed that I'd have to self publish and that's what formed the studio. Maybe not so much a real need, but a perceived one.

But anyway, that's why I thought I needed two sites. One for me for whatever I might want to do, and one as an official, dedicated studio site. One for personal and one for business, I guess.

I'm going to try to post something every two or three days. Now that I have time to think, and do things, there should be no reason I can't. And I feel like I need to prove I'm doing something.

I never noticed till now, but drawing talking heads goes by pretty fast. I've got 27 days to finish this thing. This will be a good gauge to measure myself up. I've got one and a half pages left to draw, then sixteen to ink, then at least that many to tone, plus a cover, a pinup, and get the whole thing ready to print.

Toning that many pages at once is gonna be a nightmare, but I think I can do it. Mostly because it has to be done.

I noticed this today when I made toast. I can't tell if it's from about 700 years into future, or, made to survive the apocalypse.