Well, it's done...

sort of.
I hit about a thousand and one snags while I was doing this. The latest was last Monday, seven days ago, when I started to tone all these pages.

Long story short, I don't know what happened to the original files (some of which were from two or three years ago, maybe longer), so I had to scan all the pages and tone them again.

A longer story that I might go into later would be why this is being printed in two parts and that we're only ever going to be printing the second part. But I digress.

This is almost, completely finished. Because I don't have the original files any more, I have to go back and type all the lettering on the pages. I have a cover and pinup to do, but those are just the icing on the cake. I'm almost not even concerned with those because one drawing stuff like that is easy to bang out, it's when the same amount of paper needs a hundred things all over the place that I get bogged down. Like the panel above. It's about the size of a post-it. I had to cram a lot of stuff in pages. Speaking of which-

When I completely finished with this, I'll probably type up a bunch of stuff about it. All the stuff that comes to mind.

Ah, but it's not done yet. I almost made my goal of having it finished by today. I think my failure was adding weekends while I was planning, but not realizing I wouldn't have weekends to work on it when it came time to.

I'd say this thing should be totally finished by at least the end of the week, maybe sooner. I hate the computer side of this stuff, and having to tone that much stuff all in one go was a hellish nightmare that I knew was coming. Glad to say I emerged pretty well intact.

The stuff that's left is the legitimately fun stuff.