Yesterday I officially started working on this. Sort of. I guess I started pre-production.

I'm not sure how long the character designs will take. A few have been cobbled together for a while, so those were easy. And there aren't many people in it- or at least, people that I'll have to draw more than once. Maybe about 9 or so of these left. And a couple main places that I'll have to draw over and over.

And then I want to start thumbnailing.

I'm thinking that'll take the better part of a month, because I want to thumbnail all or, at least, almost all of it. I kept the scripting pretty strict, well, in the sense that by the time I was writing it, I was pretty aware of what I could or couldn't fit comfortably on a page.

I'm feeling very slow to start. Very bogged down. This beginning stuff seems to take forever. I can't wait to actually start on this.

Right now, page 1 feels like it'll be a milestone.