All of the character reference sheets are finished. The important ones anyway. There are eleven important people in the book and I've got an alright idea of what they look like. But I want to be sure I can draw them all without any doubt.

I started a drawing of all of them that I'm going to completely finish. I'll get a little insight into how the book might look when it's finished. There's a problem though, with having that many people on something like that. I call it a shoulder montage. There's almost no way to design that many unrelated characters together, so you just get a bunch of floating heads. So, this drawing with everyone isn't supposed to really look good, but it should prove to me that I can draw them all to satisfactory specifications.

A week or so ago, I drew a family portrait to be sure that I had the kid and the parents down. I thought it turned out pretty well, the only problem was that it was too cute. I felt like the book would be misrepresented if I posted that, and only that. So I started another drawing to counterbalance the family portrait. I'm glad I'm doing this one, because I'm gonna have to get good at blood and guts. Expressive and gestural liquid is something I've always liked drawing, and I've always wanted to nail it down and be really good at it. By the end of this book, I should be pretty good at gestural blood.

The image above is the counterbalance drawing. Well, the thumbnail for the drawing. I'll post it and the portrait when it's finished. Now that the reference sheets are finished, this should start moving a little faster. I still have to have a long sit down with the script, but that'll have to be after I finish with these last few drawings.

And then thumbnailing. Thumbnailing for a long, long time. Two weeks maybe? If I push hard enough, I can get'em finished before I go on vacation at the beginning of next month. I wanna be sure to have really detailed thumbnails, because that makes the pages go a LOT faster.