Small Fix

Here was a quick fix I did this morning before breakfast. For some reason the other dirty clothes bugged me. Where the bottoms of the torsos don't blend well with the background- that's something else I'd like to fix, but that's just the program. There are just some things it can't do. I'm sure there are ways to get around it's inefficiencies and ways to trick it into doing what you want, but you just have to do it and learn along the way. Especially with a kind of crappy, obscure program that there aren't ten thousand tutorials for, like photoshop. (it's easy to be good at photoshop because anything you could possibly do with it, there are at least five tutorials for doing it, you just have to google for them)

Alright, that was the last time I'm gonna mess with that image. It's dead to me now. I'll be reviewing the script, editing and rewriting. And maybe editing again. Hopefully won't take more than a day or two.

I started cobbling the plot for the story, I don't know, five or six years ago. But it was for a different format at first. For some reason, my thought was for an ongoing story, told a chapter at a time, with 5 page long chapters. You can probably tell by looking at the script that something's kind of wonky. Basically, the first half was thought of like that when I was making it up. I think the first chapter is still 5 pages.

Something else that isn't helping me is that it's evolved over the five or six years. I've added things or taken things out, but basically kept the story the same. I tried to keep the story the same, but the problem is that if I take something out, the setup for what I took out needs to go too, but because it's been in there so long, I forget it's setup for something that doesn't happen, and it's like I just think of it as story that needs to be in there.

I asked a couple people if they'd look at it for me. A few have gotten back to me, and they've been good. Good meaning revealing. Today, and for maybe a few days, I'll be looking at, rewriting, or taking out a few parts in the script that have "WTF is this? Why is this here? This can't possibly be a good idea." by them.