Drawing Table Tuesday

I started using this die as a schedule. I start it at 5 and count down. I have to thumbnail at least 5 pages every day. This helps me feel like I'm actually accomplishing something as I do them.

Without it, there's a sort of insurmountable feeling instead. Also, this seems to be going a lot slower than it should because usually around 28 pages at a time are thumbnailed before moving on to actual drawing. I think I'm gonna do the whole 167 in one go. 

Maybe. I might go insane though, so we'll see.


I just accidentally caught this-
 And I was like-

Drawing Table Tuesday

I feel I should probably start doing this again (even though there really won't be much to show for a long time). Affirmation that I'm doing something, I guess. This one's boring, but that's where I left off.


New, more efficient date arrangement. 

I hit my first error in this so far. When I was banging this out, I wasn't really concerned with layout or page setup or anything, I was just trying to get a page count by guessing how much I could fit on a page.

I'd just guess how much I could fit on a page, then move on. If I felt it needed more or less room, I'd give it that.

I think I got pretty good at it, because I knew (planned) that there'd be places that I'd want to shorten or stretch once I actually got around to trying to put it on paper- as some things take more or less space than you imagine. But this is a predicament that I hadn't accounted for.

Yesterday I had, what we're guessing was, a migraine. It was right about the time I was trying to wrap my head around this problem, that everything in my vision started spinning. I fought with it for a pretty long time though. About an hour or two. It was about the time that I was going to throw up that I admitted defeat and went to lay down for the day. Today, I pretty easily figured out what the problem was that I was having.

There were two pages that needed to be together (facing each other), a single page, then immediately two more pages that had to be together. Yesterday I was trying to add or take a page from way before it to make it right, but I kept coming off wrong. Thanks to the room spinning, I didn't realize that there were two sets of pages right before that one page and right after it that had to be together.

The only thing I can do is stretch that one page. Easy enough, but man, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why it wasn't working yesterday.

It's weird because I don't get headaches. And it sucks because I had to miss RiffTrax Live.

Thumbnailing: I

 There's not really going to be much to show for a while. This is an awkward stage where I'll be doing something for a really long time and it won't look like I've actually done anything yet.

This is what I'll be doing for a long, long time. Maybe a month? I don't know, I'm playing this part by ear. I might stop about halfway through and start on real pages; I'm not sure yet.

I do know that the more work I put in these now is less work I'll have to do later. So when I actually start drawing, it should go pretty quickly.

Stuff for sale

The Calamity comic is officially for sale. 

Also, a few sketchbooks were returned to me, so I figured I'd sell those too. And at a discount. I'd like to see them go because I'm curious to see if I can order more of them. If anyone that's bought one at the old price feels miffed, lemme know and I'll draw a quick something for you to make up the difference.

Thought I'd try the sidebar buttons instead of a store for a while, mostly because it was easier that way.