A distinction.

One of the things that spurred the redesign was that I wasn't liking the association that I found I'd unconsciously followed. And that was that I was feeling like  was becoming more and more associated with VanderHuge Studios than me. 
So, I had to start thinking about it. I've decided a few things about it- rules, I guess. First of all, it means me. It's my mark. It can be used in lieu of a signature, or even my name. It can be displayed like a coat of arms. It can be worn like a badge or medal. It can be used like a seal of approval. And so on and so on, along those lines. 
Also, I've thought about it for a while, and I've decided to stop drawing well known, copyrighted, pop culture characters and references. Not because I'm afraid of repercussions (a bandwagon some people are jumping on), but, for lack of a better phrase, for self respect. Related: I've also decided to start another sketchbook. Or, more accurately, another collection of drawings. It looks like with emphasis on mythology- I know there are at least a few Greek gods I'd like to draw and at least eight Chinese gods. Probably some Norse too.
I've lately been thinking about the integrity in not relying on ©'d, ™'d, or ®'d properties.